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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

UPDATE--VT Bloggercon 04

What: A meeting of the blogging minds of Vermont and the surrounding areas.

When: Saturday, October 23rd, 10 am-2 pm
Don't worry if you can't get there at 10, come anyway.

Where: Vermont Technical College in Randolph
Directions to campus. We're in Conant 102. We'll have wi-fi.

Who: Bloggers. Blog readers. Blogophiles.

Why: To connect with and learn from each other; to map and expand the Vermont blogosphere.

Cost: Free (bring a few bucks for lunch if you want it)

More info: post here and I'll respond. Or call me, 802.655.6192.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Vermont Blogger Conference '04

I'm organizing a Vermont Bloggercon for Saturday, October 23rd, at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. Actually, I'm making all the arrangements and hoping it will sort of organize itself. If you're a blogger who lives in Vermont or any of the surrounding areas, you're invited! Bloggers who have already expressed interest include Jessamyn West, Jeff Soyer, Jerome Armstrong, and Todd "ntodd" Pritsky. And me. Thanks to Jeanne Eichs from Vermont Technical College for helping to set this up.

We will meet at the college, in Conant 102. It's a lecture room, and it has wi-fi. The time and agenda are still up for discussion, so please comment to this post with your suggestions.

Time: We have the room from 9-2, but I'm thinking of starting at 10 or 11 to give stragglers from various parts of our rural state enough time to get out there. Jeanne says we can come up with some kind of light lunch. Or it could be a potluck!

Agenda: I'm open to your ideas. I don't really have an agenda, but I'd like to share knowledge about wi-fi hotspots, I'd like to find out about bloggers I've never heard of and what they're doing on and offline, and I'd like to talk about the intersection of blogging and journalism. Please give me some feedback on what you'd like to do once we're all in the same room.

Here's some info about the Piedmont Bloggercon organized by Ed Cone and David Hoggard this summer in NC. This report is from Jay Ovittore.

More info to follow. Check back for updates.

UPDATE: This is a FREE event. No charge, folks!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Monkey Blogging in Winooski

Sitting at the Monkey House in Winooski, watching the sky grow dark. Bought a bottle of Old Speckled Hen and sat at the front corner table. I've been blog surfing for the past hour or so, reading about the upcoming debate, IMing with my cousins.

Leaving momentarily to get pizza and pick up AJ. Then we head to a debate watching party at DFA headquarters. AJ heard about it from somebody at work. I'm not seeing it on the DFA blog, so maybe it's not a public thing. Might as well go--it's either watch it on tv there or catch the CSPAN webstream.

I was the only woman here for a while, but now there seem to be more.

Hooper's Pub on the corner closed. The bartender here says he thinks Sneakers is expanding. We can only hope.

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