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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Getting Started

scrabble club
Originally uploaded by cresmer.
This is a picture of my Vermont Scrabble friends (plus Marci and Kevin, from New York). This was taken after a Scrabble tournament at the Tiki Resort in Lake George.

My point in posting it is both to promote competitive tournament Scrabble, which is a blast, but also to urge everyone to find a hobby, find some pals who don't necessarily agree with you politically, and find something you can do together to have fun.

The thing I like most about this picture (apart from the fact that it was taken at the Tiki Resort!) is that some of the people in it voted for Bush (at least, I'm pretty sure...). And they're all my friends.

Definitely not proud of my 7-8 record at the tournament.
find some pals who don't necessarily agree with you politicallyThe Chairman of my company is an unapologetic Bush supporter, we love to argue politics, and I consider him a good friend despite his being completely wrong. All part of being a good citizen in a democracy. :-)
hey Cathy, cousin katie here. at the moment i'm procrastinating from working on my ss project on ST.Bartholomew's Day Massacre :-D .... pretty cool page you got here.
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