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Friday, January 21, 2005

Coffeshop coming to Winooski!!!!!!

I just got a call from a coffeeshop entreprenuer (who would rather I didn't release her name just yet) who told me that she and a business partner have been negotiating with the landlord who owns the Hanson Block (home of the newly relocated Casey Family Services). They plan to open their quirky, London Underground-themed cafe in May.

This is big news.

Of course, I talked her ear off about how important it is to offer free wi-fi — which is cheap and extremely useful for people like me. And told her how excited I am at the prospect of walking to my satellite office every day rather than driving 10 minutes like I do to Speeder and Earl's on Pine Street. I think she got the message. Too soon to tell, though.

If they don't offer wi-fi, I'm still going to Speeder's.

Hear that? I will drive 10 minutes to drink coffee and use free wi-fi rather than support a Winooski business. Yes, internet access really is that important.

fyi — Word on the street is that the landlord is asking a bundle for that space, no surprise given that once the redevelopment's done, Winooski's downtown could turn into a less-sprawly version of Williston's Maple Tree Place. I hope these jive java mamas can pay their pricey rent in the absence of much parking. Reconstruction of Main Street, right outside their doors, will also being this spring. Not the most auspicious beginning.
That is a miracle! I would go to the coffee shop even if they didn't offer wi-fi, because I don't have a computer, but I understand how important it is for most people, especially writers and business people (the latter probably have more money to spend!) and it's important to please them.
Maybe what might be better than to have small business owners shoulder the costs and responsibilities of individual wi-fi set-ups is for the City to create a big wi-fi bubble over the whole downtown core. This would also encourage business owners to set up shop there.
Anyway, I think a coffee shop of any type is badly needed for Winooski, but one with a cool London Underground theme, especially if it has good zuchini bread and chocolate croissants is a super bonus.
PS. The free wi-fi bubble might be used as a vehicle for smart growth- it would encourage more businesses in one spot.
I think that its so great that there might be a place to go and hang out in Downtwon Winooski to drink coffee and work on my lap tops. I really hope that it happens and we'll have wi-fi free in Winooski!
Wicked Sweet. I was pretty impressed with the monkey house offering wifi, having a coffee joint in winooski with wifi would be a further draw for me to go to winooski as opposed to burlington.

Queston from the euro-ignorant, though: what's the "London Underground" theme?

Nice blog you have here too, BTW.

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