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Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Seven Days Site

At long last, Seven Days has a new website. Looks good, I think, though Don is still working out the kinks. Anybody have any feedback?

Two new noteworthy features: an archive (starting more or less with this issue — previous issues coming soon!) and the addition of scene@, one of my favorite parts of the paper. It's a short column in the front of the calendar section that is often witty and artful. Especially (ahem) when I write it.
Yeah, I noticed that when I happened to visit the Seven Days Website recently too Cathy.

As I have been very busy of late on a hot project as well as other things, I had not bothered to read any of the articles through -- even though I gave a quick glance at the time to a few of them -- until this afternoon when I picked up a hardcopy and found some time to slow read it.

However I noticed how in this particular blog post of yours you neglected to mention the article you wrote (here) that they featured within this week's edition though. In my humble opinion, it is excellent, well written and very insightful.

As someone who cannot get enough about politics -- especially background type stuff as your fine article offers -- thank you, I enjoyed it a lot!

MorganNorsehorse's Home Turf
Oh, thank goodness! I like it.
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