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Monday, February 14, 2005

New Name?

Here's my first nugget of bloggercon wisdom: in my master plan, this blog eventually moves to the Seven Days site, or at least becomes my official Seven Days blog. Or rather, I will eventually have an official blog at Seven Days instead of this haphazaard unaffiliated site. But in order to make that happen, I need a new name. And I need a subhead, something that explains my bailiwick, which is...what? I'm not sure yet.

My sense is that I should be covering the local blog scene somehow, that my blog should serve as a portal to the Vermont blogosphere. But I don't want to be limited to that. I guess I'd like to provide a kind of gateway for Vermonters, a site where they could go to find out a) what's interesting in virtual Vermont and b) how well Vermont is progressing in its journey toward being a more wired state. And the blog would also reflect my own style and quirky interests. So what should I call it? I'm thinking I could incorporate my name somehow, like "cresmopolitan" or something. Suggestions?
I'd love to see seven days offer blog space to vermonters as a way tp push the envelope on that stuff. one thing CL does NOT offer is a really bloggy interface that people can sort of run on their own. Just like we get people yahoo email accounts at the library maybe sevendays could offer webmail/blog accounts to get people coming back [and viewing ads or whatever] -jessamyn
What's 7D's position on municipal wifi in BTV? I spoke with a Fletcher Free staffer about it and they seem to be in favor of it. Any way we can pressure the city into imitating Montpelier's progressive move? They're all hot to trot on the municipal telecom services... maybe city wifi can be part of that plan?
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