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Friday, February 25, 2005

VT blogger (and pals) win Koufax

Burlington resident Jerome Armstrong and his fellows at won the 2004 Koufax Award for best group blog. Congrats, Jerome! I met Jerome last fall when I interviewed him for this pre-election story on blogs. Haven't talked to him in awhile. I hope he's still in town.

Update: Vermonter N. Todd Pritsky of Dohiyi Mir was a Koufax finalist for Best Commentator and Most Deserving of Wider Recognition. He didn't win, but he somehow attracted the attention of the LA Times. And he's writing for the newly launched on-line magazine Blue and Red .
Thanks for the recognition, Cathy!

BTW, I did finally win something. See The American Street for details...
Let's not forget that ntodd is also a regular contributor to Candleblog! And he's a nerd. Nerd Candleblogger!

Congratulations for all the attention everybody!
Jeebus, Bill, how many times do I have to say ixnay on the erdnay?
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