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Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy 30th Birthday to me

cr beach
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Birthday wishes, anyone?
woo, happy birthday! -jessamyn
Happy Birthday!! Does the big 3-0 feel "different"? It doesn't feel any different to me each year as I make my way through my 20s, but I'm hoping when I hit 30 in 3 years something might feel different. -Sarah
Happy Birthday! Your blog is inspirational. Keep it up!
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Happy Birthday Cathy!

For more, click here.

:-) [smile]

Hey, Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a super birthday and a great time at the media conference!
Here's one of those too weird to be true news stories from pg 2 of the BFP: "Woman bit into a finger while eating a bowl of Wendy's chili- 1.5", including a manicured fingernail! Authorities are pretty sure the chili was cooked to a hot enough temperature to destroy any bacteria"
I'm thankful every day for good local news, and the fact that I will never ever eat Wendy's chili!
I love you Cathy!
PS Your sister says happy birthday, too! She'll call you tonight.
Hey, thirty was fun for me, hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy birthday. Now I feel old.

-Bill (35 and counting)
Cathy, I hope you had a great B-Day, you blogger you. Love Tres
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