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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Link Policy

I don't have one...yet. But I've been building the links to VT stuff for a couple weeks now, and would like to include more. My rules so far: I only link to VT media sites or blogs that are updated regularly (not sure yet how to define that, but the point is to exclude sites that are static or abandoned).

I know of quite a few other blogs I'd like to link to, but I feel like I should get permission before including them, because they seem like personal sites rather than blogs written for public consumption.
My feeling is that if it's on the internet, public consumption should be expected. It's nice of you to seek permission, though.
My feelings too, Haik. I have a list of Vermont blogs at Candleblog and I pretty much just stuck 'em on there. So far no one has complained and several folks have written "thank you" emails. So I imagine that any of the blogs in my list are fair game for you Cathy.

One oddball link there is to Movie Real, which I found doing a search of "Vermont" in the Blogger profiles. It's a woman who writes fairly thoughtful film reviews in a blog format, but she has zero contact info on the page and no comments feature so I had no way of contacting here in order to get her permission.

Still, as Haik says, they're putting themselves out there in the first place. I suppose if you linked to a blog and said it sucked, that would be different.
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