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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Liveblogging from the Statehouse

Robert Roper, Freedomworks
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Just attended a press conference for Freedom Works, a conservative anti-tax group championed by Dick Armey that's just opened a Vermont chapter. My write-up will appear in next week's Seven Days.

I was the only reporter here, and clearly I was the only blogger present. I think I may be the first blogger to liveblog from the Vermont Statehouse. True?

Thanks to Summit Wireless, MontpelierNet, and the Vermont Broadband Council, reporters, activists, and bloggers can immediately hop online via wi-fi at the Statehouse. Now anyone can tote their own press bureau into the statehouse in a briefcase or a backpack and report on the proceedings.

Am I the only person in the state of Vermont who's excited about this?

UPDATE: I was wrong. Morgan Brown of Norsehorse points out that he has in fact blogged from the statehouse, albeit from the public access desktops, and not via wi-fi. He also directed me to Hall Monitor, a blog linked off the Times Argus website, written by Darren Allen. So I guess I won't be VT's first paid journalist blogger after all. Darn.
Congrats! I'm not sure anyone's liveblogged any of NC's state proceedings, but I do know there's been so local blogging of Council meetings.

Let's hope that your deed won't be noteworthy next year because a flood of Vermont's bloggers start to cover all aspects of your government.
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