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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Making Waves in the Fishbowl

Peter Freyne reported in Seven Days a week ago that Garrett Graff, son of Chris Graff of the Vermont AP bureau, has started a blog called FishbowlDC. Graff has drawn attention the last few days from both Daily Kos and Atrios for his attempts to get one 'o them White House day passes that James "Jeff Gannon" Guckert used to get into the White House for two years. Apparently, Graff has been denied.

In 1997, the native Vermonter built then-Governor Dean's 1st website, and worked as his deputy national press secretary on DFA campaign. Now he's running a gossip blog about the DC media. And he's the vice president of communications at EchoDitto Inc., a tech consulting firm staffed by a bunch of Dean alums like Nicco Mele, Harish Rao, Michael Silberman, Jim Brayton, Carey-Leah Havrilko, Tim Jones, Justin Pinder, and Jennifer Powers.

Dean's not the only one who's made a comeback after his failed presidential bid.
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