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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

No Bloggers at VT Community Journalism Day

On March 25, Johnson State College is hosting Community Journalism Day. They've invited representatives from newspapers all over the state (Burlington Free Press, Times Argus, Seven Days, etc.) to talk about the way the local press influences the political, cultural, and economic climate of our state.

But they haven't invited any bloggers. Or anyone from iBrat, iBurlington, or iPutney.

I think they're missing an important aspect of the changing nature of community journalism. I say VT bloggers ought to call 'em up and ask (politely) to be included in some way. This is the number and the email listed on the site: 1-800-635-2356 or e-mail

Also, I'd like to note that March 25 is my 30th birthday.
Agreed Cathy.

Thank you for the heads up on this.

When and if I can, I'll try to send them an e-mail for what little the effort may be worth, at the very least however they will be put on notice by those of us Vermont-based bloggers as well as our readers that they ought to do better as well as more in this regard than is the case so far (i.e., absolutely zero, which is the grade they get from me at this point in time).
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