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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another gratuitous Winooski post

So this is what other people think of my new hometown. From Diabologue.

Incidentally, 5 people have applied for the vacant Winooski City Council seat. That's suprising, in a good way. Nobody challenged Ben Clarke for the seat when he ran in March, but now that he's leaving, all these people want to take his place. Cool. Deadline to apply is April 8.
And congratulations to Magister Matt (Matty the Greek) G. Paradise (Diabologue's owner) for becoming the new programming director of Radio Free Satan! Satan and Winooski--together at last!

Speaking of Satan and Winooski, have you SEEN the impaled bunnies by the police station??? They are SO Blair Witch. -shiver-
I don't know about Winooski and Satan, but I do know about those bunnies. They freak me out every year. How about forgetting Easter, and celebrating spring? Then they could just put flowers up and no bunnies have to suffer. Not to mention countless childhood traumas from seeing the bunnies crucified could be avoided. To be fair, tho, I think Seasons Greetings otherwise does a nice job of decorating that little corner of downtown.

And, damn right, we're friendly. It's so nice to hear something positive about this intersting little city. I think you're right, Cathy, about starting a Winooski issues blog.

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