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Friday, April 15, 2005

Attn: VT media

Interesting article from morph: The Media Center blog about the difficulties of integrating blogs into newspaper operations. Ken Sands makes some good points, among them that blogs should focus on specific topics rather than personalities.

For the most part I agree, but I think the best blogs are the ones that are very specific and allow their authors to share their personality. I like it that NTodd posts pictures of his dogs and cats on Dohiyi Mir. They humanizes the content of his site in a way that transcends the coldly impersonal nature of both print journalism and the computer experience.

I strive for that balance, too, though perhaps I tilted too far toward the personal when I wrote about my colonoscopy.

Kidding. I don't really think I was going too far.

UPDATE: From, a column about how the dynamic of "bloggers vs. mainstream media" is misleading.
Thanks for the plug.

And for the record, I agree with your point. One of the things I've discovered is that, especially when you're talking about opinion blogging, personality is a big part of building the trust relationship and an audience. And why not? Journos clearly inject their personality, whether they admit it or not!
Most news organizations that try blogging are not doing opinion blogs.
Feh. They're papers are essentially opinion blogs, not even counting the columnists. They might as well give up on that faux concept of objectivity...
"Their", rather. Oy.

See, the blogosphere is self-correcting, too!
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