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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Illuminati Slayer

Remember last fall, when this guy ran for lt. governor? That picture of him next to Cheryl Rivers was priceless.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I do, it was great!
Remember when people would share ideas and take each other seriously when one had the courage to put thought and research into supporting their veiws and opinions? Remember when it felt good to share that stuff with people that you knew cared about your thoughts and gave them credence and also those who you wished to sway toward a more humane planet, but who you were less sure of as being "Within Reach" of your efforts? Well, that takes some guts but real guts is a thing not spoken of very often these days (MY observation), although I think that almost anyone who feels themself to be of a certain conviction, no matter the nature of the conviction, remembers a time when they were supported in that conviction, and felt good, perhaps had an experience of righteousness in expressing themselves.
For me that time was the seventies and although lots of folks seem to like to think of that time as a decade that sucked, a big let down from the power the people held in the sixties (which admittedly it was.), we have all seen how it has been romanticized in the media. Peter is a guy who has those convictions and is working (with emphasis on the "work" part) to express unpopular points of view. Right on.
For the record, his effort to appear on VPT in any capacity was a bold and rare effort, one to be applauded. The fact of his appearing with a fake dagger through his head was, for the record, not inteded as an entertainment stance rather than an effort to rear us all off our couches to see something different, and an oportunity to join someone or something (maybe the Liberty Union?)
Peters further work as a writer is also worth a read at the very least and action on your part at best, take this as a dare if it works for you, whatever but read up, we're all in trouble and need each other to survive "what kind of shit was (is) about to go down" - Bob Dylan, Hurricane
The dissenter must reclaim their rightful role as an uncompromised and essential part of a democracy as the Founding Fathers knew and have warned us about, lets heed some words from the days before the cable remote made a try for our souls.
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