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Monday, April 11, 2005

Jessamyn's last day

Last summer, I was lucky enough to discover Jessamyn West through her extremely useful librarian blog, and was delighted to find out that she's a Vermonter. Er, she lives here, anyway. For the past 20 months, Jessamyn has worked as the Outreach Librarian at the Rutland Free Library, and as a semi-celebrity blogger — she's been written up in Wired, and blogged the Democratic National Convention alongside the likes of Kos and Wonkette — has proved to be a great source for many of my technology-related Seven Days stories.

Well, today's her last day at the Rutland Library; her grant funding ran out. So she'll be teaching tech for a while as an Americorps/VISTA at the Randolph Technical Career Center. I'm glad she'll still be showing folks how computers work. I've seen her teach. She's good at it.
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